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    How about creating blinds that are custom designed by you? It?s very easy. All you need to do is upload images of your choice. Select dimensions for your window with a buffer of 4-6 inches for the pelmet. We have some material options for you on the basis of texture and mode of application. Also, it is highly recommended that the images are not clicked by mobiles, but are high resolution images clicked with a professional camera to ensure no blurring and image sizes greater than 300 DPI are recommended. So what are you waiting for? Get those quirky blinds up!

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    Translucent :

    • 100% coated polyester
    • 175 GSM
    • Max Length – 2.5 meters

    Translucent – With Pelmet :

    • 100% coated polyester.
    • 175 GSM
    • Max Length – 2.5 meters
    • Pelmets are an accessory that give the blinds an aesthetic appeal and cover the brackets and tracks of the blinds, giving them a neat clean look.

    Blackout :

    • 100% coated polyester
    • 330 GSM
    • Max Length – 3 meters

    Blackout – With Pelmet :

    • 100% coated polyester
    • 330 GSM
    • Max Length – 3 meters
    • Pelmets are an accessory that give the blinds an aesthetic appeal and cover the brackets and tracks of the blinds, giving them a neat clean look


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