What is Wall Posters ?
    Wall posters originally appeared as placards and posted bills for advertisement and announcements. The golden era of modern posters happened way back in the 1890s. With mass production, this fine art industry soon attracted the service of many aspiring painters. The art print now had striking characters, contrast, bright colors, and innovative typography too. It soon found its prominence in the wall decor space. Online shopping is now the most popular way of shopping. To buy posters online all you need is some basic guidance into each of the aspects that can make a lasting impression on your walls. But above all, you need your personal preference while selecting this wall art. You may choose 3d posters for the wall of the living room to create a stunning visual effect.
    Wall Poster Design
    The design you choose for your wall poster has a major impact on your life. It can become a blueprint to help you create a life of your dreams with customized posters of visualization boards. After all, what you see is what you covet.
    Wall Posters For Living Room
    Man and Women both are battling on a day to day basis with time as it seems that time is not enough in a day to go through all of the activities as individuals try to balance work, family, lifestyles and the list goes on. During such times, getting a bit of motivation gaping at your living room walls is quite helpful. Here is one such wall poster for the living room, which prompts you to make better decisions and shape your destiny.
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    Office Wall Posters
    The other popular idea for the framed wall is to get personalized motivational posters for your office walls. These posters for office walls push you to work harder during office hours. Having the right message can boost teamwork and productivity too. Here is one such wall art with wise words from Helen Keller to keep going on. The soothing snow and waterfalls add a tranquil touch to the office wall painting.

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    Posters For Bedroom Walls
    Bedrooms are the most private spaces in your home. If you are romantic at heart, you can choose the bright red hearts or roses with your love message for wall posters. But if you are sensual male then hot Indian girl wall posters are apt for you. Most wall posters for bedroom keep changing according to time too. Expectant couples may choose cute baby poster buy online. You can choose not just baby wall posters but even growing up kid’s wall art from a range of wall posters for bedroom online. Having your private bar in one corner of the bedroom expands your poster wall ideas. You can celebrate your single or couple status with this bar wall poster.

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    Posters For Gym Wall
    If you have a personal gym at home, then fitness wall decor posters are a must for you. They push you towards achieving your fitness goals, keep you motivated if at all you think about quitting and thus help you maintain a fit and fine body. Here is one such fitness poster, which reminds you to go all the way and give your all.

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    When you buy posters online India you must check a few specifications too. Here is a quick list of the things you must know to buy posters online.
    Online galleries are filled with different wall-size posters. Ideally, there is no well-defined standard size for posters, over the decades many printing and advertising companies keep using the same consistent sizes for poster printing. Popular poster printing sizes are A2 (594mm x 420mm), A3 (420mm x 297mm) and A4 (297mm x 210mm). You may also choose the largest A1 size big posters for a wall if you have a huge mansion with tall walls.

    You also need to consider the trim of the poster it is the edge of the final printed output. To avoid text or logos being chopped off the art print, they should be placed with some breathing space around them. Depending on the size of the poster, design elements should be no closer to the trim edge than 3-5mm.
    The two finish options for wall posters are matt and gloss. While there is no right or wrong answer when choosing your photo finish, there are pros and cons of each type that are important to understand to get the most from your prints. Glossy photos are good for colorful shots but only if you don’t mind glare or fingerprints. Matte photos tend to highlight texture and are better for less vibrant color schemes or monochrome shots.
    Paper Material
    Choosing the right paper to print your posters is essential. The first thing to note is: Always use Acid-free paper for poster printing. You do not want your printed poster to turn yellow after some time; therefore the papers you use for printing should be acid-free. Also, realize that some papers have a specific tone to them, either being cool (blue tone) or warm (red tone). This can impact what the fine art looks like greatly
    As a rule, you want to make sure to use stock that is heavier (thicker) then default printer papers. Not only does this add durability to art poster, but it will also age much better than standard paper, and your poster is much easier to flatten. Paper choice and weight can be discussed with your printer, but 170gsm Silk or Gloss Art FSC or 150gsm are good choices. Grams per square meter or GSM determine how heavy the paper stock is.
    Printing style
    Last but not least you must choose from the two choices for poster printing: digital or litho. The choice between digital and litho printing will mostly be dependent on the money you have for the print job and how soon you need the wall decor. Digital printing with inkjet or laser printers is the cheaper and quicker of the two and good for smaller print runs.
    A litho print involves the printer making a set of ‘plates’ that are used to press the image to paper. Creating these plates comes at a cost and doesn’t offer the immediacy of digital poster printing. The initial outlay can be expensive, but if you’re doing a large print run and want to output up to A1, it’s the process that offers a higher quality print and finish than digital printing. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of wall posters online then contact Indiehome the art come with all DIY instructions about how to stick posters on the wall.

    You can choose your wall posters depending on the purpose and space you intend to use for it. There are diverse sizes, finishes, paper materials, paperweights and prices for different posters online. With the in-depth knowledge shared in this article, it now is much easier for you to just choose the right one for your space.

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