Modern art is usually referenced by the series of artistic work produced from the mid nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century. While there are several renowned artists who influenced this revolution, modern art is generally associated with bold paint colors, abstraction and bold strokes that are loosely representative of the works of this era where a lot of experimentation was introduced that made it drift away from traditional art.

    This bold style makes it a favourite pick in interior design since it is easy to create contrasts with all paint colors and create unique wall designs.

    Modern wall paintings for living room×14-2-panels-12×22-2-panels-12×30-1-panel-jdapr-00009060-l/

    Modern art brings itself with many perceptions and interpretations depending on everyone who sees it. The way one interprets art speaks volume about one’s ideologies and beliefs. A conversation about art is a great way to understand compatibility and personality of a person.

    It is like adding a finishing touch to your room wall design. One can choose artwork that complements not just the walls of the living room but also with the overall interior design. Abstract modern art offers multiple possibilities of mix and match and is a great way to complete and enrich your décor.

    Here are a few ideas to use this modern art to add spark to the walls of the living room:

    Modern canvas painting wall art

    Canvas painting is the oldest form of painting. Modern canvas is made of cotton or linen earlier it was made of hemp and then is stretched over a wooden frame. Acrylic paint is the most common paint used in making a modern wall painting. With the emergence of technology, the art of painting is evolving with each passing day and the most common way of now printing them is using eco-solvent inks on canvas. These are also called as digital prints or Giclee prints.

    Digital prints are now much sharper than before. They can recreate the effect of being similar to a hand painted canvas. Unless closely evaluated, these digital prints give the same feel and effect including a brushed texture for paint colors. Since these are mass produced, there is no limitation in terms of the design options as well as in the quantity and are extremely cost effective in comparison.

    A nice soothing modern wall painting can bring your interior design to life and there are a plethora of options to choose from, at any online art gallery.

    Modern wall painting for living room

    Living rooms are the core space in a home where all the family members socialize and interact. This space deserves a generous dose of modern art, keeping in mind the taste and comfort of the family. These modern wall paintings are a delight for the family and will certainly keep your guests’ entertained; as they offer endless interpretations and discussions.×14-2-panels-12×22-2-panels-12×30-1-panel-jdapr-00009043-l/

    While choosing an artwork you must keep in mind the colour, size and placement of the painting. Here is one such modern wall painting that is an abstract representation of the Tree of Life from the online art gallery of The Tree of Life is the mythical archetype across all mythologies in the world, be it Middle Eastern, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu or Christian. It is the Tree of Knowledge that provides a connection across the Heaven and the underworld and connects all forms of creation.

    Modern Warli painting

    The Warli people are a tribal community that live off the bludgeoning mega polis Mumbai and are known to shun modern comforts. The Warli art form is thought to be as old the 10th century AD, though it only started getting noticed post the 1960s. It is also known as Warli Folk painting.

    This art has a special characteristic of depicting a simple life of the Warli tribe in interesting paint colors. The trademark of this art is to depict human figures, animal figures, houses and crops using geometric designs such as triangle, square, circle, dots and crooked lines. This gives the overall interior design a traditional yet modern look.

    The main paint colors used in Warli paintings are Henna, indigo, ochre, black earthy mud, brick red and white made of rice paste. A chewed bamboo stick is used as a paintbrush. Earlier these paintings were made only on cloth and paper but are now also available on canvas for eye catching wall designs. To get that traditional look and feel of Indian Heritage in a contemporary style, this modern wall painting is the best!

    Modern 3 D wall painting

    Art is the most versatile medium of expression and can be experimented with a different medium even within a single frame. There are 3 D modern wall paintings which can leave anyone who sees, stumped by its colours and designs. As mentioned earlier the artwork you choose, defines your taste and persona. Hence, it is best to choose these paint colors carefully.

    The multi dimensional look and feel of modern 3 D wall painting is capable of intensifying and beautifying the whole surrounding with its effect. You can use these wall designs to decorate your offices, bedrooms, living rooms even kids’ bedroom. It will charm anyone who sees it with its bold and captivating use of colours and designs.

    Modern wall painting designs

    There are many different styles and techniques to decorate your home but decorating it with a piece of art is the best. Bright modern wall paintings can bring joy and optimistic energy to your home. While there are many options, varieties and finishes available, the easiest would be to browse through an online art gallery and purchase your painting online. We help you find your perfect piece of art with some of the best modern art wall paintings designs.

    Every interior design deserves a beautiful and enticing piece of art whether it is wall art or wall paintings. The piece of art reflects your taste and style. Make sure to project your larger than life image. So don’t settle for less and go for the best.
    Happy shopping!!

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