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    The greatest gift in the universe is Divine Love. While there are multiple versions of the God in love with the man and vice versa, perhaps the most vivid and poetic expressions of it in art is through the ethereally sublime tale of the love of Radha Krishna. It is a beautiful espousal of the fact that Love is the only force driving the whole universe.

    Let us start with the best options of Radha Krishna Wall Paintings for Your Home and Offices

    Like all things in Hindu mythology influenced art forms, the expression in art is full of symbolism of love between different beings that themselves are divine manifestations. There is love between humans, between humans and animals, humans and plants, humans and God and all of these, in turn, are divine incarnations or being manifestations of the divine oneness.
    Millions of people and generations around the globe have been mesmerized with this divine love story. The Indian Radha Krishna paintings are an inspiration for today’s make up and break up generation.

    Beautiful Abstract Art Painting of Radhakrishna

    Abstract paintings are a common sight in any art gallery you visit. Combining religion with modern art is in style too. Out of them, Radha Krishna paintings are one of the most popular choices. Krishna is always depicted wearing a peacock feather crown and playing a bansuri or Indian flute. It is said that when Krishna played the flute, the melody was so captivating that all the elements of nature were attracted to the melody of his tunes.
    This art painting depicts that the tune of Lord Krishna’s flute has cosmic energy and the people of Vrindavan are spellbound listening to this magical tune. Many artists have tried to capture this magic through modern art paintings. Here is one such beautiful modern art canvas available on an online art gallery that you buy canvas wall art online from.

    Blue Color Krishna with Lotus Flowers on a Canvas Wall Art Painting

    Blue is the color of all-inclusiveness in modern art. Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the color of Lord Vishnu is also depicted blue. Most Radha Krishna paintings also depict Lord Krishna in blue. There are many theories about Lord Krishna’s skin color and one of it is that anything vast and beyond your perception tends to be blue; be it an ocean or sky. It is limitless. Krishna is said to be larger than life and beyond our imagination so not the skin color, but the aura of Krishna was blue. This beautiful 5-panel blue color modern art painting of Radha Krishna with lotus flowers is an ideal choice for decorating the home or offices lotus as a flower is considered as sacred and pure.

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    Playful picture of Radhakrishna for your home

    Radha was the reason behind Krishna always keeping his flute with him. Radha was impressed and drawn to Krishna through his soulful flute. But the flute has its own story too.
    Everyday Krishna went to the garden and say, “I love you”, to all the plants and the plants would respond the same. One day Krishna asked the bamboo to cut it, he made eight holes in it and the bamboo was crying in pain. So, Krishna decided to make a flute out of it and keep it close to his lips.
    This flute was dear to Radha too and it reminded him of Radha. Even though they were afar the enchanted tune of his flute kept them together. All his life, Lord Krishna is depicted with a flute that symbolizes his pure and divine love for Radha, who he could never marry due to several circumstances.
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    Indian Radhakrishna Painting for your Home and Offices

    Many devotees have made beautiful Radha Krishna paintings and you when visiting the art gallery; they have different types of Radha Krishna paintings available. Decorating home or offices is incomplete without Indian Radha Krishna painting.
    Radha Krishna’s love story is eternal and yet they did not marry each other. They are two different manifestations of one divine principle of Krishna. Radha is born from Krishna so Krishna cannot marry himself.

    Famous Indian Radhakrishna Paintings

    Indians love the traditional concept of art paintings. For them, Radha Krishna paintings are not only a piece of décor but also a matter of utmost faith and devotion. There are different styles of modern art as well as traditional Indian paintings.
    Out of them, the most popular is Madhubani paintings. They are made by women of Bihar by painting Radha Krishna on a mesmerizing geometric or floral background.
    Then are Phad paintings originated in Rajasthan. In these art paintings, the story of Radha Krishna or different scenes and emotions are narrated in small boxes on a long piece of fabric with the use of colors. The other form of Indian art paintings is Tanjore painting which is a traditional style of South Indian paintings. This style originated from the Maratha court of Thanjavur. These paintings are done on a wooden plank known as palagi Padam. The love and devotion of the painter for Radhakrishna can be perfectly seen through Tanjore paintings.
    Another oldest form of painting is the Pichwai painting originated in Aurangabad, Rajasthan and the Deccan area of India. This is a devotional painting done on fabric and paper, the story of Radhakrishna is narrated on a long fabric and painted with natural colors. Nowadays these paintings can be easily found in any online art gallery.

    Modern Art Paintings of Radhakrishna for your Offices

    With the technological revolution at its peak, the mystery of mythological characters remains the same. The love between Radha and Krishna is the highest and purest form of love, of the soul longing for another soul. The current modern art has presented the union of these two souls through their uniquely styled art paintings. Having a beautiful modern art painting of Radha Krishna at your office will reflect your artistic personality. Art and devotion are two different sides of a coin. Yet with Radha Krishna paintings, they seem to be the same.
    You can easily find this type of painting in art galleries or on online websites. You can find some amazing abstract modern art wall paintings of Radha Krishna on with a hassle-free doorstep delivery option.

    Indian Paintings of Radhakrishna for your Living Room

    Nobody likes to stare at bare walls. And especially in the living room where the family meets and spends time together. The living room is like a gateway to your personality. The way you decorate your home and the artwork or paintings you choose says a lot about your personality. When it comes to Indian paintings of Radhakrishna there are many different styles and art forms. The name of Radha and Krishna is always taken together as Radhakrishna they are never separated. Rasa Lila a joyful dance of gopis that describes Krishna’s life. On a moonlit sky, Krishna would stand in the middle playing the flute and the gopis would dance around him on the tune of the flute.

    Indian Painting of Radha Krishna

    Radha Krishna’s stories are one of the most researched and retold stories. From small children to elders everybody must have heard and even watched these stories. Radha Krishna’s paintings are static depictions of these fond stories.
    It is said that Radha is a true devotee of Krishna. When Krishna had to leave Vrindavan to fulfill his duties and become a king he left Radha behind. The kind of devotion Radha has for Krishna is considered as the highest form of devotion.
    This kind of love has inspired many poets, writers, and painters. However, Radha Krishna’s paintings seem to have an infinite capacity to bring back this glorious past. You can find theses art paintings in our online art gallery at
    Painting of Radhakrishna Standing on a Lotus

    Krishna is known as the embodiment of love. He is the most charming god among all the gods. Krishna did not return to Vrindavan as promised but Radha kept waiting. Hence Krishna assured Radha that people would take her name before his name whenever they worship him.
    Any Radha Krishna painting always shows lovely pink or white lotus flowers. A lotus shows fight in life, as it grows in muddy waters and still is pure and scented as ever. A lotus is said to give stability to an individual, therefore hold one every day in your house temple.
    Having a beautiful Radha Krishna painting at home or office with lotus flower keeps negativity at bay. You can find this modern art in many stores as well as online websites

    Beautiful Moonlit Radha Krishna painting

    It is said that Lord Krishna had 16,108 wives and 8 of them were his principal wives but he never married Radha. Radha was married to Abhimanyu who was locally known as Ayan. Yet Radha Krishna paintings depict their eternal love for each other.
    It is said that Radha was born blind. She opened her eyes for the first time to see Lord Krishna and at that moment she gave up her blindness. Theirs was an extraordinary love story. It is believed that Radha and Krishna used to meet secretly in Vrindavan. Every day near the lakeside Lord Krishna used to play the melodious flute. Its tune captivated Radha to come and meet Lord Krishna.
    This beautiful moonlit art painting of Radha Krishna sitting near lakeside is a blissful scene. If you wish to buy these beautiful Radha Krishna paintings, please check our website

    Paintings of Baby Lord Krishna

    Lord Krishna has around 108 names including Gopal, Govind, Mohan, Shyam, Ghanshyam, Girdhari and many more. And he has many more captivating stories about his life. However, most of them are about his mischievous childhood.
    There are enthralling stories of Little Krishna stealing ladoos and butter. Krishna was around six years old he and his friends would gang up and steal butter from the pots. The gopis used to tie their pots high on the roof to keep butter out of reach, but still, Krishna and his friends would steal butter using tricks. The childhood form lord Krishna with butter ladoos is been worshipped by many devotees as Laddu Gopal. Every couple who desires to have a child is said to keep a Bal Gopal poster or idol or painting to have the blessing of a child.
    And every year all the Hindus celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna as Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtmi in the month of Bhadrapada. Dahi Handi is celebrated on this day, communities hanging an earthen pot filled with yogurt tie at a height and a team of young boys making a human pyramid reach the pot to break it.

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    Happy Janmashtami!!

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