Since all orders are unique, orders once placed and paid for cannot be cancelled. As mentioned in the Returns and Refunds Policy, you’re requested to be absolutely sure before placing an order and none of them qualify for a refund.

There however, might be situations where may have to cancel orders as mentioned below:

  • Incorrect image resolution and images that are not scalable to a larger print area; the process for this is mentioned below:
  1. Once you’ve uploaded an image and we determine that it cannot be printed, we will notify you immediately.
  2. In such a case, you can either submit an alternate image or seek our assistance to enhance the image and make it print worthy. Once we have reached a consensus on the image quality, resolution and determined that it can be processed for a print order on your product, we will process it. The order will not be processed without your explicit consent and in case we do not get a response, we will cancel the order.
  3. You can alternatively seek to enhance the image with assistance from someone else as well submit a fresh image.
  • Images that are in violation of the Terms and Conditions
  • Pin codes that we do not ship to

We will reach out to you in case further information is needed to process your order and for all orders that cannot be processed. In the case that an order is cancelled by us and the payment has been processed, we will reverse the transaction and the amount will be refunded in your account within the time frame stipulated by the payment gateway/bank/Paypal.

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