Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

living room wall decor

Color coordination is essential when you want to design a living room wall decor or bedroom wall decor theme that ties together your decorative style and color scheme. Too much color can make a space feel overwhelming and disorganized, and too little color can make it seem as though there’s no harmony at all. In the same way, too many accessories can make a space seem cramped and crowded, while too few accessories can signal that you don’t really care about creating a cohesive environment. Color coordination is about balance. While being too simple with the color combination can read as stark and sterile, there’s something refreshing about the uncluttered harmony often found by coloring your living room wall decor in a complementary way with its adjoining bedroom wall decor.

living room wall decor ideas

When you coordinate living room wall decor and bedroom wall decor in this manner, there’s a sense of unity that sets a room apart from other rooms in your house. There’s a sense of order because there’s only one central point of focus, instead of a number of disparate points of focus. Your walls are perfectly spaced to create visual flow through the different elements of your living room or bedroom. You’ll find the pieces of wall art for living room wall decor you choose to complement one another in such a way as to create a look that makes total sense.

If you’ve arranged your furnishings to build a homey environment where there’s an easy affinity between family photos and knickknacks, you’re off to a good start. Use wood surfaces with wooden frames where possible; metal and glass surfaces would detract from the family-friendly atmosphere. Keep in mind the general arrangement of your furnishings and your family photos in the layout plan before you go shopping so you’ll know what color schemes or designs to choose. Remember that it’s OK to mix and match wall decors, as long as they complement each other and don’t form a distracting palette of colors that might distract from the family photos.

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Wall art is a wonderful way to incorporate living room wall decor. In particular, you’ll love the wonderful variety of shapes and sizes that wish figures come in, including fish, animals, turtles, birds, and landscapes. The washi technique, which dates back to ancient times, also comes in many forms such as rice paper and intricate multi-colored paintings. There’s no end to the creative possibilities of rice paper and delicate brush creations that will make your wall art collection one of a kind.

You can dress up the interior of your home by using reclaimed wood shutters. These beautiful old wooden shutters (reclaimed from wooden factories in Japan and used for decades as window dressings) make a gorgeous combination with vintage living room wall decor. There’s an array of styles to choose from, including flat and slatted wooden blinds. You may decide on a traditional Victorian style or something more contemporary, using knot and brush technique.

If you want to try something really different and bring life to space, consider using bamboo to decorate. Bamboo plants look beautiful grouped in tall conical vases, but you can also use bamboo plants to create an overall theme in your space by grouping similar looking plant species together. For example, if you have red, white, and black plants all grouped together, add a touch of brown or dark green foliage to the mix to evoke the accents you want to highlight. For living room wall decor ideas for your living room, combining plant species is the perfect way to create an organic and eclectic feel.

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Another living room wall decor idea that you can use as a starting point is a lovely window hang that is covered in calla lily blossoms. These are also called Lily Walls because of their similarity to Asian screens used for privacy. Although they look very elegant, these screens originally functioned as water screens to keep water from running into homes and gardens. Today, many screens are made with either wood or metal, and they hang from the wall in much the same way that a privacy screen hung originally did. Hang the largest specimen to the wall opposite the one above it, and a smaller one to the wall opposite that. This simple hanging is enough to give you some great focal points for your wall arrangement.

Another idea for living room wall decor ideas is to make a wooden wreath. A wreath is usually made of holly, which adds a warm and cozy feeling to your arrangement. To make your own wooden wreath, gather fresh pine needles, and string them together. If you do not know how to make a wreath, there are several websites that provide instructions. Cut out several small pieces of the string and arrange the small pieces onto the dowels that are holding up the wreath

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