30 Colorful Wallpaper Design Ideas To Enliven Any Space

Wallpaper design ideas

Wallpapers are the latest craze in the world in Indian interior design. Whether applied on a single wall or all, a colourful wallpaper can bring the desired charm and transform the appeal of your space in a jiffy. From living room to master bedroom, wall decoration is a modern trend. A lot of online portals offer vinyl wallpapers for your interiors. At Indiehome.in, we found some interesting collections to choose from. And we chose the top 30 wallpaper designs for your walls.

Here are 30 colourful wallpaper design ideas to enliven any space.

Living Room Wallpaper Recommendations:

1 Plain Grey colour Wallpaper with Floral Graphic on Eggshell-white Background:

A floral motif is worth beyond beauty. This wallpaper design illustrating grey flowers are elegant and unconventionally beautiful. Enhance the looks of your modern bedroom and living room with this chic patterned wallpaper on an eggshell-white background. The image gives a vibrant appearance to your living or workspace.

2 Purple Colour Wallpaper with Agapanthus Lilies in a unidirectional pattern:

While we are on floral designs, why not go for some lilies. The warmth of a soothing lilac background illustrating lilies gives an elegant touch to your interiors. With the pattern of the flowers add to the appeal of the wall coverings is enhanced. The entire look diffuses a calm and comfortable ambience to your walls. This wallpaper is recommended for your living room.

3 Pink Colour Wallpaper with Rose motifs on a crepe pink background:

Continuing with floral motifs, imagine you being surrounded by the motifs comprising the queen of flowers on a crepe pink background. The leaf prints with the floral motifs enhance the impression of the interiors. Look forward to the vibrant freshness every morning.

4 Lavender and Pink Colour Design Wallpaper with Roses on a white background:

Creating a subtle statement is a tedious task. Flowers are the ornaments that the Earth adorns.Install the natural beauty of pink lilies in the space where you live or work.Or gift the wall decor idea to the person you love and help them a get a new look for their interiors.The white background enhances the tranquil vibes of your environment.

5 Honeycomb Shape Colourful Stones Wallpaper:

Who would not love to create a unique décor for their homes or workspace! Here is a wallpaper design that is elegant as well unusual.The honeycomb stone brick wall coverings are just one of the few resplendent designs that can enliven your walls. The abstract art is in trend and gives a mesmerizing touch to your walls.

Peacock Print: Enhance the prosperity and charm of your interiors with this wall coverings. The beautiful mix of colours on the wallpaper design gives it an unusual and unique touch. The image depicts a bunch of peacocks seated on branches, that is a sheer beauty to look at.

  • Gold Floral Pattern: The golden calendulas on a sky-blue background is sure to liven up your walls. This luxury wallpaper is best suited for drawing/living spaces or the waiting rooms of offices.
  • Golden leaf motif on dark Grey background: Welcome home a glimpse of modern romanticism with the interior wallpaper design. Be surrounded by serenity and tranquillity through the wall coverings.
  • Geometric Maze Motif: Abstract art work uses different shapes, form, line or colours to a create a unique composition which creates an illusion of the visible reality. The wallpaper design of geometric maze motif successfully creates an interior design and brings in a new perspective for your living space or office. The soothing background color effect enhances the look of your environment.

Bedroom Wallpaper Designs:

  • Multi-hued dotted leaf motifs on a pale-yellow background: Leaves symbolize fertility and growth in many cultures. The green leaves of spring and summer represents prosperity. Yellow, orange and red leaves of fall depict change. And finally, the falling leaves depict the hope for a new beginning. Bring home the freshness and brightness of nature with a tinge of tranquility with this wallpaper art of multi-hued dotted leaf motifs on a soothing pale-yellow background.
  • Colourful Wildflowers on an eggshell white background: They say one must be like wildflowers, allowing oneself to grow in places people could never think. Welcome the spirit of freedom, beauty and carefree vibe to your interiors with these wallcoverings. Install the wallpaper design with colourful wildflowers on an eggshell white background and disseminate an aura of charismatic energy within your surroundings.
  • Wind-blown Colorful Leaves on a banana-yellow background: Have you wondered about Psithurism? The sound of the rustling leaves as the wind blows through them makes a person nostalgic and optimistic at the same time. Nostalgia of the days gone by. Optimistic for the days to come. Enhance the warmth of your interiors with the soothing banana-yellow wallpaper design illustrating wind-blown colourful leaves.
  • Colorful geometric artwork in blocks: The famous poet Rumi once said, let yourself be a living poetry. We say “Why not?” This wallpaper colorful geometric artwork in block design. It is vibrant, it is artistic and it enlivens your space.
  • Egyptian animal print on a yellow background: Primitive art resembles art that is simple and unsophisticated in style but has the imagery of folk art. These patterns are vintage yet contemporary. Enhance the liveliness of your interiors completely with the soothing eggshell white background.
  • Blue Tulips on White Background: Tulips are said to have originated in Turkey and Persia and symbolizes loyalty. Enhance the romantic look of your home or office with this evergreen wallpaper.
  • Liberty style flowers on a bubblegum pink background: Liberty style patterns depict an all over, small-scale floral or other plant-inspired patterns in artistic tones. These wallpaper design illustrating liberty style floral patterns are elegant and magnificent. The image gives a vibrant vibe to your living or work space.
  • Pickle green Paisley patterns: You can easily avoid all hassles of painting your walls with our budget solution. Install this pickle green Paisley patterns as wall coverings. Paisley pattern refers to a stylized teardrop-shaped design originally used on Kashmiri shawls, mass produced in Paisley, Scotland. This conventional and contemporary appeal on your walls is sophisticated as well as chic.
  • Yellow Egyptian animal print on maroon background: In Egyptian paintings, animals represented different things, such as, Gods, strengths or a particular energy. Replicate the aura of African enigma within your home or office.
  • Kids Bedroom Wallpaper Designs: The hopping kangaroos in the wilds of Australia or the notorious bull fight in Spain, our heart wanders to break the monotonous routine and be far away amidst the wonders of the world. But our wallets do not permit a free run, does it? This design suits perfectly for your kids bedroom or even your own. Your space looks bigger and brighter.”
  • Rainbows on a sky-blue background: Brighten up the walls of your kid’s room with this wallpaper art and turn them into their favorite memories. The wallpaper design depicts cartoon rainbows over clouds on a bright sky-blue background. Let the kid’s room be their most desirable place to play, learn and grow. A happy kid makes a contented adult.
  • Stamps of World Famous Monuments: Cramping against the office chair eight hours a day, the only thing that keeps the millennials alive is the Wanderlust. Whether it is the Statue of Liberty in USA or the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
  • Vintage letters and ink pen design: Miss those days when people would have pen-pals and waiting for the mail man was a hopeful thing to do during the afternoons? Miss the romanticism of expressing love through letters and not WhatsApp messages? The vintage wallpaper art that illustrating letters and ink pens are perfect for your study room or office. It is elegant and diffuses a thoughtful vibe to your interiors.
  • Multi-hued hedgehog Impressions: This is another unique wallpaper design. The love hedgehogs is universal. Children have always been enamoured by spiky animals. Youtube’s 2.5 million videos featuring these cute animals show that the obsession for hedgehogs do not stop with childhood. These little mammals are also threatened species. Install the complacent wallpaper art depicting hedgehogs on a sandstone-yellow background for your office guest space or living room and free your inner child for the visitors. These wallcoverings are also perfect for the kid’s room or nursery.
  • Crimson Fan Flower on a Sandstone yellow Background: Bring home the freshness and brightness of flowers with a blend of artistic romanticism with this wallpaper art of fan flowers on a white background. The fan flower mostly hails from Australia is perfect for indoor decors. The semi-circle fan-shaped flowers are unique and atypical and could add a fresh look to your home or office. It would also be the best gift for a friend planning to remodel the house.
  • Princess castles on a white background: Another design for your kids bedroom. This wallpaper art is depicting Princess castles on a soothing white background. Transform the rooms of your kid into a lullaby. Bring to life the Disney princess stories that you narrate to your child with this fancy wallcovering.

Office Wallpaper Designs:

  • Abstract Multi-hued Leaves: With every falling leaf, one hopes for a new beginning. The colourful falling leaves on a moss-green background gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by a calming and modernistic décor. Nothing better to liven up your walls than this enticing yet simple wallpaper design that transforms your interiors completely.
  • White Floral Motifs on Teal Background: The uniqueness of teal as background shade representing the floral motifs is the perfect look for your walls. It suits your living or bedroom space equally well.
  • White Jasmine on Soft Yellow Background: Bring home the freshness of Jasmines with this wallpaper. The soft colored background highlights the print further.
  • Wooden Background: Modern homes in India are rarely made of woods. However, wooden walls are a desirable element for many urban dwellers. Give your walls the touch of wood with this wallpaper design illustrating a wooden texture.
  • Tropical Gold Palm Leaf on White Background: This Bold Mixed Leaf pattern wallpaper design displays palm and monstera leaves in dull brown and gold color against a beige backdrop. Buy this creative wallpaper online to flaunt your unique style in your living room or bedroom. In fact, the same pattern can be also creatively used for blinds and door stickers.
  • Arabic floral motif on a black background: This wallpaper design illustrates Arabic floral motif on a black background. The tranquil background colour effect creates a mesmerizing impact within your interiors. Let your home be the place that one would love to visit and enjoy.

The above design recommendations are suggestions only. Feel free to decorate the walls with your own selection. Indiehome has more designs to choose from. You can also go for custom print. So why wait!

Happy Decorating!

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