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We’re a custom home décor company. What sets apart is the unique combination of interior wall design ideas. We are working with products that can help create themes for the entire room – across walls, doors and windows, rather than just focus on one aspect of the room. Your room is your space, make it unique! So go ahead, conjure up a theme and explore options that are only limited by your imagination and we’ll have them custom printed for you on the finest material sourced globally across Asia and Europe at extremely reasonable prices. We’re willing to go the extra mile to make you and your space feel special. Stay connected with us for a new range of products and designs that will be added every month!

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Interior Wall Design Ideas by Indie Home – The Best Wall Design Company in the World

It is a great feeling to purchase your dream home or apartment. Decorating your walls is an important chore when you are planning the look of your new home. Or when you are looking for remodelling blank walls. It is a gradual process how you plan to design and decorate your home. For wall decor, wall paint is no longer the only option. You have wall coverings/ wallpapers, wall art panels, wall hangings and so much to choose from.

And there are several home design companies across the country (both retail and online portals) to invest in. Allow us to introduce you to an emerging wall design company whose focal point is to make sure that your walls are like ‘none other.’ We have specialised in vinyl and 3D wallpapers and have expanded our product range to window blinds, door stickers, wall art panels, posters, wallpapers rolls and so forth. Today we provide the most budget-friendly materials.

Indie Home

Our Interior Wall Design Ideas

Let us start with the collection of wallpapers that Indie Home has to offer.

Imagine an European style wall design for your living room illustrated by this white floral pattern over sandstone-yellow background. Such an elegant way to welcome your guests. Or this regale trumpet lily pattern on steel grey background for the wall behind your LED TV.

At Indie Home, you have wall designs for every room, every corner of your home. If you are remodelling your child’s bedroom, there are several specially-designed wallpapers for kids. The patterns range from floral to abstract, geometric and 3D and are suitable for your living room, dining room, bedroom or study room. For instance, have a look at this sophisticated wallpaper design for your bedroom. The golden ogee pattern peel and stick floral wallpaper is a unique choice for your bedroom.

Apart from wallpapers, Indie Home provides options for wall art panels an wall prints to decorate those blank walls.Both categories include images of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha along with abstract prints. This image of Lord Ganesha along with the Ganesh Shloka (hymn) is a vibrant image to put up on your study room or prayer room. Another brilliant image to hang in your bedroom wall is this polychrome abstract of Lord Buddha . It is sure to create a statement.

Living Room Wall Design Ideas

The collection of wallpapers for your living room at Indie Home is innumerable. Choose from floral options, like the white Jasmine print or the rose flower doodle. Or opt for an abstract print like the 3D gold floral pattern. If you have recently painted your walls and do not want to spend too much, we have a solution.

Why not choose from the wide range of wall art prints/panels to transform your empty walls. Recommended for your living room, we have the flower vase print.

Stair Wall Design Ideas

Just like I said, at Indie Home, you have prints for all the corners of your home. If you have a duplex and want to design the stair wall, you are at the right place. Look at this all time classic wood plank pattern or this unique dreamcatcher pattern). We are sure to catch the attention of your guests. Indie Home has subtle as well as quirky designs to adorn your walls.

Apart from wallpapers, you can also wall art panels to redo your stair wall. Picturise this Praying Buddha 3 Panel wall art. The purple background adds a vibrant touch to your wall. Or Bring the pride of architectural marvel to your living room with these wall canvas prints flaunting the Statue of Liberty, Leaning tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal and Eiffel tower with this epic wall art panel. If you want to keep things simple, opt for a wall art print, such as Rajasthani artworks to hide blank walls.These are just recommendations. Our collection of wall art panels and prints is huge and variant.

Indian House Exterior Wall Design Ideas

Indie Home offers a selection of conventional faux wooden or tiles texture to design your exterior walls. These self-adhesive wallpapers are not only budget-friendly but also hassle-free. You can transform your walls any time you want without having to move around your furniture. If you want to give your exteriors walls the stone appearance, choose this unique honeycomb wallpaper or this mustard-yellow Italian fieldstone look.

But why stick to traditional looks when you can experiment?

Decorate your exterior walls with this vibrant multi-hued dotted leaf motifs. Once again, they have some devotional and abstract wall art panels to adorn your exterior walls. This 2-panel Radha Krishna wall art panel is simple and tranquil. Or this polychrome face of Lord Buddha in his meditational pose is equally welcoming.

Office Wall Design Ideas

We have talked so much about our homes, that it is time to cover a different arena for interior designing. Indie Home has some quality wall decor to give a brand new look for your office cabin or the common space. It is equally applicable if you want to turn a room in your home into an office.

For wallpapers, go for a more formal look, like the maze motif or the abstract floral motif. If you want a simple transformation, choose from the collection of abstract wall art panels/prints. There is the Tribal men canvas wall art or Meditating Lord Buddha.

Concluding Remarks :-

In the above recommendations, we have talked only about wall design ideas. Indie Home has created a niche for its products and received great feedbacks from customers who have purchased from them. And they have evolved with their range as well. They have introduced contact papers for your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, window blinds and wallpapers rolls to cover all your home decor requirements. Some recommendations to look at before deciding would be the abstract leaf window blind or the white marble contact paper . There are some amazing designs to choose from and enhance the look of your interiors without having to going through the trouble of painting your walls. All thanks to Indie Home-the best wall design company in the world!

The Best Wall Design Company in The World.

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